Until They Turn 18

I had the privilege of working, under Satya Media Group as editor and camera operator, with Hibiscus Children's Center of Vero Beach, FL, to create a powerful documentary called "Until They Turn 18."

"This film endeavors to shed light on existing problems and the need to remedy them. Hope prevails when the appropriate help is administered. Special light will be shed on the work of Hibiscus Children's Center. The focused attention and targeted programming administered by this organization provides foster teens existing on the fringe, specifically those 16 - 18 years old, with an opportunity to succeed. Remember, if a child is in foster care . . . they are a part of the existing system. Just as important, 'Until They Turn 18' demonstrates that these young people are not falling off a cliff . . . they are desperately clinging to the edge of survival."


To learn more click on the link to the Until They Turn 18 website.

Also, check out the Hibiscus Children's Center

Under the company, Satya Media Group, I design motion graphics and edit video content for shows like "Eco-Babe" and "BethWE." delivering content focused on personal growth and wellness, as well as cultivating a diverse community of empowered, joy-filled individuals. A dynamic evolving community network platform, using advanced technology - which will provide abundant ways to a more empowered, joy-filled and contented life! Drawing from traditions both ancient and contemporary, Innervue will offer such bodies of knowledge as Ayurveda, Yoga, Art of Vedic Astrology, Meditation, Contemporary Wellness Therapies, Green Living Workshops and more. -

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of the Treasure Coast

I had the pleasure to create a promotional video for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of the Treasure Coast. They are a great organization ran by very pleasant people.

Learn more about the DHHS by going to their website

Lemongrass Restaurant & Malai Massage

Studio Stories

Mainstream music is all the same. Every instrument is from a computer, every voice is autotuned, and it seems that every pop star or rap artist on the radio is a joke.

In Studio Stories, we want to bring that to everyone's attention.

In a recording studio, where a dog and a mouse are in charge, you never know which celebrity will walk through that door. Do you know the funny thing about a recording studio? It is one of the few places without cameras and paparazzi. So musical artists do not have to set an image and their true colors begin to show and some of those colors can be very unpleasant.

This is the first episode of Studio Stories. In the pilot episode we introduce our first guest who is the one and only, America's favorite punching bag, Rihanna. We also start the series with a song which is a parody of "I'm a Believer" by The Monkees.

In Studio Stories' second episode our guest is Brooklyn's finest, Jay Z. Our lovable dog and mouse characters help record his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Special thanks to Phillip Isme who is the voice actor for Jay Z.

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United Way of Martin County

This is a promotional video for the United Way of Martin County. It captures the story of how United Way was able to help Melissa Newman with the premature birth of her son. This video won the Silver ADDY Award in 2012 under the Professional Video category.

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Phone: (772) 532-8520     Email: